Note about Manifest Header Names starting with "From"

Philipp Kunz philipp.kunz at
Thu Dec 26 17:06:19 UTC 2019


The Jar File Specification [1] states that,

> Note: To prevent mangling of files sent via straight e-mail,
> no header will start with the four letters "From".

But I can't see that this is actually the case.

After nobody has fixed this point inside of many years I tend to assume
that it is not at all necessary or useful. However, I cannot understand
the intention behind it or how that statement got there in the first
place and hence might not be aware of the full context.

Instead I'd rather like to propose to update the specification by
removing the quoted statement.

I'm not sure if the specification [1] has changed since 13 or where the
most up to date one is.



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