RFR 8211919: ZipDirectoryStream should provide a stream of paths that are relative to the directory

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Tue Jan 15 08:10:26 UTC 2019

Hi Lance,

> Thank you for the feedback, please see below
Welcome, thanks for addressing my findings ��

> line 97: spelling: “filter”
> fixed though was “DirectoryStream.Filter” which I changed to
> DirectoryStream filter

Hm, not quite yet... What I mean is still in line 96:
      * Iterator correctly indicates whether the filer has been matched
-> I think you mean filter instead of filer here.

> line 309: you could use an import java.util.zip.ZipException?
> done, still getting used to Intellij vs Netbeans which I like better for import
> handling
I'm currently using Eclipse though I should try IntelliJ, too. As for imports, I would also think the org.testng.* imports should go after the java.* imports. But not sure if there's some official style guide for that.

Overall, looks good to me now. (The latest webrev, that addresses Alan's point, too)

Best regards

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