jpackage custom resources not found

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Tue Jan 15 17:36:32 UTC 2019

> On Jan 15, 2019, at 10:55 AM, Rachel Greenham <rachel at> wrote:
> My understanding was that this particular jdk build only exists for the sake of getting jpackage out there into our hands (hence my point about putting it out as a jlinked app instead),

True, which is a little different in and of itself, providing a JDK for a single command. I’m not that familiar yet with what jlink can do. How would it’s being a launchable app help in testing a command line tool? Is there some new magic way I haven’t heard of yet that jlink provides so that invoking something command line launches an app with the enclosing JDK?

> and if you want to play with jdk13-ea in its own right, should probably get a fresh one to do just that, as the one used in these jpackage builds is not necessarily always going to be the most up to date, and also may have changes needed by jpackage that haven't been accepted upstream yet. In fact the latter seems almost likely to me as otherwise why not just include jpackage in the ea builds now?

This could be true. So far I’ve assumed any issues I’ve seen are general JDK changes and not build specific. But sometime that could be a bad assumption.

> From my point of view, it's easy enough to do this, and the only downside is needing to exec it as its own process rather than invoke in-process via ToolProvider from my usual buildsystem jdk, which I intend to move to doing later when it is finally part of the JDK I'm actually building with. Wastes disk space too, but don't care about that, have plenty. :-)

I think you talked about some of what you’re doing in earlier posts. I might have to look at those closer. I had disk space concerns installing VirtualBox with Ubunutu and Windows 10. But so far I still have enough. Other than that I’m pretty happy I stumbled on VirtualBox. I can finally make some of my stuff crossplatform and with jpackage I might even get reasonable app’s for each platform.

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