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Rachel Greenham rachel at
Tue Jan 15 18:48:05 UTC 2019

On 15/01/2019 17:36, Michael Hall wrote:
>> On Jan 15, 2019, at 10:55 AM, Rachel Greenham <rachel at> wrote:
>> My understanding was that this particular jdk build only exists for the sake of getting jpackage out there into our hands (hence my point about putting it out as a jlinked app instead),
> True, which is a little different in and of itself, providing a JDK for a single command. I’m not that familiar yet with what jlink can do. How would it’s being a launchable app help in testing a command line tool? Is there some new magic way I haven’t heard of yet that jlink provides so that invoking something command line launches an app with the enclosing JDK?

you could create the jlinked app from the jdk they provide, something 
like (using the jlink in that jdk):

jlink --add-modules jdk.jpackage --output jpackage

This gives you a trimmed-down jre with just the modules that 
jdk.jpackage depends on. In bin is a jpackage executable. So you'd call 
jpackage/bin/jpackage <opts>. There's a bunch of other executables there 
(including java and javac) but they're only there because they belong in 
dependent modules.

Assuming it has everything it needs, it would probably be functionally 
the same to use that or to use the jpackage in that jdk, but it's a 
third of the size, and providing it in that manner may better 
communicate that that's all that it's for, and not to try to use it as a 
complete jdk in its own right. I imagine you could also just remove the 
other binaries in bin so it could be safely added to your PATH and not 
be interfering with your using jdk.

Caveat: I haven't tested any of that, except the jlink itself, and 
seeing the resulting jpackage give me its --help output. :-) Just 
explaining what jlink is for in this context.


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