JPackage application image file system layout

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Mon Jul 1 14:50:23 UTC 2019

> On Jul 1, 2019, at 2:47 AM, Robert Lichtenberger <r.lichtenberger at> wrote:
> While trying to update our application to the (ea-version of) jpackager I
> noticed that the executable files are now in a bin/ subdirectory, which
> will make the application update from javapackager a real pain.
> For Linux this can be argumented with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard but
> under Windows it is not common or standard to do so. The .exe file for an
> application is expected to live in the base installation directory.

It can also be argued that on Windows it is more common to launch the application from a shortcut in the Start menu, on the Desktop, or in the launch bar.
I get that this is a change from the previous behaviour so some adjustments need to be made, but how bad is it really? 
The JDK has always had a bin directory and many other applications follow this pattern on Windows as well. 

> Is there any chance this can still be changed or made configurable?

Making it configurable makes the most sense. But it may get complicated as the launcher exe needs to find the .cfg file without any additional info. Maybe the relative path to the .cfg file can be injected into the exe at build time, much like customizing the exe’s icon?



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