OS X jpackage and java.class.path

Andy Herrick andy.herrick at oracle.com
Mon Jul 1 20:21:16 UTC 2019

can you share the command options used launching jpackage ?

I think I would understand better if I saw the complete command.


On 7/1/2019 3:02 PM, Michael Hall wrote:
> I think I may out mentioned this before but maybe I didn’t fix the problems it was causing me because I just ran into it again. So I’ll mention it again.
> java.class.path is somewhat inconsistent in its entries.
> The main jar is present as absolute path…
> /Users/mjh/HalfPipe/HalfPipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app/Contents/Java/halfpipe.jar
> all other entries are relative too user.dir which is…
> user.dir=/Users/mjh/HalfPipe/HalfPipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app/Contents/Java
> Example entries of the remaining relative paths…
> RserveEngine.jar:quartz-jobs-2.2.2.jar:commons-logging-1.1.1.jar:httpcore-4.4.10.jar:groovy-all-2.6.0-alpha-1.jar…
> Any code that for whatever reason wants to process off of java.class.path needs to be aware of this. It would have to be prepared to handle either condition of absolute or user.dir relative paths.
> How much code does this I don’t know but mine for some limited functionality does. This just isn’t consistent for all entries.
> It of course works fine for normal loading and application execution.

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