Declarative syntax for conditional statements

Rajiv thenakliman at
Mon Feb 3 11:57:33 UTC 2020

Hi All

I want to introduce a new declarative syntax for conditional statements in
java on the line of streams. I have created a library for the same.

It improves the readability of the code. For example if we have following

if (responseEntity.getStatusCode() != HttpStatus.OK) {
            throw new EmployeeServiceException(format(ERROR_MESSAGE,
 } else if (responseEntity.getBody() == null ||
"".equals(responseEntity.getBody().toString())) {
            throw new NoContentException(format(NO_CONTENT_FOUND_MESSAGE,
fromDate, toDate));

 return responseEntity.getBody();

Can be written as

return If.isTrue(responseEntity.getStatusCode() != HttpStatus.OK)
       .thenThrow(() -> new EmployeeServiceException(format(ERROR_MESSAGE,
       .elseIf(responseEntity.getBody() == null)
       .thenThrow(() -> new
NoContentException(format(NO_CONTENT_FOUND_MESSAGE, fromDate, toDate))
       .elseGet((responseEntity) -> responseEntity.getBody())

For more examples, see

It has multiple syntax, we can keep the one that seems more readable and

I would like to hear your opinions

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