Jpackage launcher - ways override default launcher?

Eva Taivalsaari eva.taivalsaari at
Fri Feb 21 09:14:37 UTC 2020


I've been testing out jpackage with a variety of javafx applications, and
for the most part am happy with it. However, I have one question.

Is there any way currently to override the default launcher created by
jpackage entirely with a custom launcher script? And if not, are there
plans to include such a feature?

I know jpackage allows manipulating the default launcher by passing it
command line arguments, and that I can add a custom secondary launcher
script with a different name if I want to, but neither of these options are
sufficient for my use case.

I need my main launching script to calculate certain JVM arguments based on
the user's system, as well as to run an AppleScript for some choices that
are made before launching the application. Currently, I don't see any way
of doing that with jpackage, since the JVM args need to be known at the
time the app image is created.

Best regards,
Eva Taivalsaari

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