jpackage current status

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Fri Feb 21 15:23:59 UTC 2020

If I look at the jpackage page…

The jpackage tool has been integrated into the JDK, and is now included in JDK 14 early access builds.

The normal early access page now indicates release candidate and the download no longer includes -ea

However, the included jpackage still shows…

 jpackage --help
WARNING: Using incubator modules: jdk.incubator.jpackage

With an incubator warning. 

If I copy the jpackage bin command into my application 

./jpackage --help
Error occurred during initialization of boot layer
java.lang.module.FindException: Module jdk.incubator.jpackage not found

I could add the indicated jdk.incubator.jpackage module but should it actually still be needed?

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