jpackage with a single java property

Alexander Scherbatiy alexander.scherbatiy at
Wed Mar 4 10:20:42 UTC 2020


CSR for JEP 343: Packaging Tool [1] has description for option value 
which consists of a list of strings:

"If an option value is otherwise a list of strings, they must separated 
by space characters.  Since the shell would otherwise take them as 
separate  arguments, the list must be quoted. "

For example:

   --java-options -server --java-options "--ea -Dfoo=bar"

What about a single java property which value contains space characters 
(-Dfoo="bar 2")? Should it be possible to pass it in the way:

--java-options -Dfoo="bar 2"

or the whole property should be quoted like:

--java-options "-Dfoo='bar 2'"




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