jpackage and alternate JRE's - OS X

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Wed Mar 18 03:45:44 UTC 2020

> On Mar 17, 2020, at 3:28 PM, Andy Herrick <andy.herrick at> wrote:
> But the executables in the jdk itself are signed, including those packaged as a resource like jpackageapplauncher itself.

Not that there isn’t good reason to do this but it appears to be the issue for GraalVM.
I set up a shell script to launch the app and that works. 
I had to change it to all access.

Context context = Context.newBuilder().allowAllAccess(true).build();

Or it had permission problems it looked like trying to read it’s etc/Renviron file.

I guess I’ll try to figure out where to flag this as a possible upcoming concern  on the GraalVM project if jpackage becomes the preferred way to prepare applications. Otherwise it seems like jpackage would work fine with their alternate jdk 11.

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