Java Crypto Encumberance Update.

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 26 01:26:48 UTC 2007

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night,

Here's a quick update on our efforts to remove the cryptographic
encumbrances from the Java SE code base, and thus finally open source
the crypto framework and the Sun providers (SunJCE, PKCS11, MSCAPI).

We have cleared our concerns with the various stakeholders (legal,
export, mgmt, etc), and began merging the JCE and Java SE code bases
last week.  This includes opening the PKCS11/MSCAPI bulk cryptographic
routines also.

Assuming we don't get pulled in too many different directions or hit any
major snags, we should have this code ready by mid-Sept.

I know this code has been eagerly anticipated, so thanks for your
patience.  We had quite a few items to resolve.



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