hsdis / UPL

Chris Newland cnewland at chrisnewland.com
Mon Jul 16 22:47:28 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I recently learned [1] that Graal Enterprise Edition, (UPL-licensed),
contains a hsdis binary that matches the architecture of the Graal

I looked into ways of distributing hsdis with JITWatch a few years back
[2] but couldn't cut the GPLv2/v3 Gordian knot.

The OpenJDK hsdis sources in hg still have the GPLv2 license so I'm just
wondering if someone can provide clarity on whether hsdis binaries can be
included in other software now?

Many thanks,


[1] https://twitter.com/DonaldOJDK/status/1017814619463802883


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