Call for Discussion: New Project: Skara -- investigating source code management options for the JDK sources

Roman Kennke roman at
Mon Jul 30 09:17:38 UTC 2018

Am 30. Juli 2018 11:09:20 MESZ schrieb Aleksey Shipilev <shade at>:
>On 07/30/2018 10:47 AM, Andrew Dinn wrote:
>> If there is a reason to move then I think it is neither function nor
>> usability but the issue Joe raised -- performance i.e. the way they
>> scale. The hg repo for OpenJDK has become very unwieldy. Without
>> it would already be a big headache (thank you,
>> It appears from Joe's research that git is currently, and will
>> to be, much more manageable in this regard. Whether that is enough to
>> justify a change is a hard question to answer but I can understand
>> argument and sympathise with it.
>I have to note that we can make Mercurial clones much less painful if
>we adopt what Mozilla does for
>their large repositories: providing the bundles that are cached on CDN
>for ether automatic or manual
>clones [1]. What we have at my build server [2] is basically a
>stop-gap, and can be solved on server
>side without considering switching to Git. Would be awesome if Skara
>explored if that is a viable
>way for OpenJDK

Yes. And we can make partial clones. Nobody really ever needs all of the history.



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