Read-only mercurial mirror of openjdk subversion

Mark Wielaard mark at
Sun Jun 24 14:12:36 PDT 2007


Since I wanted to look at bit at the history and changes made to OpenJDK
over time, but wasn’t going to be online for a while (and the subversion
server of openjdk seems a little slow even if I were online) I decided
to create a read-only openjdk mercurial mirror so I could carry the
whole project history with me on a laptop and do quick diffs. [1]

This is pretty nice since it is much faster and much smaller than
working with the subversion checkouts themselves. If someone else thinks
this is useful then you can get at it through:
hg clone
WARNING, that is 740MB - but that is for the whole repo with all history
though, so it is still much smaller than a single subversion checkout,
which comes in at 1.2GB (!)

It is read-only and just tracks the subversion repository whenever
updates are made to it, so you can just hg pull them in. It also makes
it a little easier to keep experimental patches up to date since the
subversion repo is also read-only, but you can easily clone the
mercurial repo locally.



[1] hgsvn is really great for doing this and makes it really simple:
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