"Java Web Start" for IcedTea

Rick Niles fniles at mitre.org
Fri Oct 12 12:12:23 PDT 2007

I've learned a few more things, so let me answer my own questions and 
ask some others.

Java Web Start is called JWS for short. JWS implements the Java Network 
Launch Protocol (JNLP).  There are a few different implementation of 
this protocol besides Sun's official JWS: NetX, OpenJNLP and JavaURL.  
NetX seems to be the most popular and have the best support.  Using NetX 
you can simple do:

"java -jar netx.jar -jnlp foo.php" where "foo.php" is the JNLP file from 
a website.

Questions remain though:

(1) Did Sun GPL the JWS?
(2) If so, can it be added to (or is it already a part of) IcedTea?
(3) If not, can NetX be added to Fedora?
(4) Can the next version Fedora have JNLP links "Just Work"?  Shouldn't 
this be a high(-ish) priority?

Rick Niles.

Rick Niles wrote:
> Java novice here, but many website that use Java, for example:
> http://adds.aviationweather.gov/fpt_application/
> Have a PHP/JNLP file that suppose to be run by something called "Java 
> Web Start".
> Is this "Web Start" just a simple PHP wrapper to download the JAR 
> files and then start up Java?  If so, can it be added to IcedTea?  Is 
> it already part of IcedTea and I'm just clueless?
> If someone can write a 10 line PHP script that would take it's place, 
> I'd love to have copy.  Otherwise, is there any work being done to 
> support this JNLP thing?
> Thanks,
> Rick Niles.

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