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Andrew Haley aph at
Mon Oct 29 05:19:23 PDT 2007

Leonel writes:
 > On 10/30/07, Mark Wielaard <mark at> wrote:
 > > Hi Leonel,
 > >
 > > On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 14:44 +0000, Leonel wrote:
 > > > I'd like to know if icedtea is already being used in production
 > > > environments if not
 > > > is it safe to start using it or better hold on ?
 > >
 > > No two production environments are the same, people have
 > > different workloads and different expectations. Now that various
 > > GNU/Linux distros are starting to ship IcedTea it will get much
 > > more testing. It seems pretty stable to me (running a Fedora 8
 > > pre-release), but only you can say how well it holds up for your
 > > evironment. Please try it out and report any issues you find so
 > > we can fix them if there are any.
 > For me  it's working great ..
 > Another question:
 > How does security updates ( new release version ) will be released
 > as any other free project ?  There's a security bug then gets fixed
 > and a new release ??
 > Or will it be holding on to some bugs to get fixed to release a new
 > icedtea ?

Security updates are more a matter for the distros than for IcedTea
itself, which is distributed as source.  I'm sure that Fedora will
handle security updates to IcedTea in just the same way as security
updates to anything else.  Bear in mind that IcedTea has not been
tested for Java compatibility.


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