Making zero-assembler the default on ppc

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu Jan 31 05:44:18 PST 2008

Gary Benson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone mind if I make the zero-assembler port the default on ppc?
> I'd like to add a configure option to allow zero to be built on any
> platform, but having ppc-specific stuff in the hotspot makefiles is
> making this a pain.  The main impact of this change from a packaging 
> point of view is that libffi will become mandatory on ppc and ppc64.

Sounds good to me.  At first I thought this would be rather impractical,
but it seems like libffi calls are not a great part of execution time.
In any case, if we want to resurrect the ppc-specific from hg we can always
do that.


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