IcedTea6 1.2 Released!

Guido Kämper gk at
Thu Jul 3 22:50:32 PDT 2008

Hi Anthony,

I currently saw the message "IcedTea is served" on my screen, after a  
few installation problems. :-) Now I am looking forward to creating  
nice sound applications. Did you have some luck integrating the DSSI  
classes? If yes, did you implement it in a special branch and is it  
possible to access this implementation?

thank you,

Am 17.06.2008 um 17:30 schrieb Anthony Green:

> Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Hi Guido,
>> On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 13:21 +0200, Guido Kämper wrote:
>>> congratulations to the new version!
>> Thanks!
>>> One question: The gnu classpath has a support for using DSSI   
>>> instruments in the sound libraries. Are there plans to include  
>>> this  into the IcedTea platform - or is it already included? That  
>>> would be  really cool:)
>> No it hasn't been integrated yet. All midi handling is currently  
>> being
>> done through Gervill, a software synthesizer. This has as advantage  
>> (or
>> disadvantage, depending on your view), that no direct integration  
>> with
>> the native platform soft synths needs to be done.
>> I have CCed Anthony Green, who originally wrote the DSSI backend  
>> for GNU
>> Classpath, to see if he might be interested in porting it to IcedTea.
>> Hi Anthony! :)
> Hi Mark.  The DSSI providers were written using JNI, so they should  
> be easy to port over to IcedTea.  I'm happy to try.  It will give me  
> something to do on my flight today.
> AG
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