[PATCH] Add umask setting for javaws/pluginappletviewer

Joshua Sumali jsumali at redhat.com
Wed Jul 9 10:37:48 PDT 2008


Attached are two patches that add umask functionality for any files 
created by javaws and pluginappletviewer. umask-1.patch simply hard 
codes the umask to be 077 for any files created, and is not modifiable 
once the binary launcher is created. umask-2.patch on the other hand 
checks for -umask=<mask> on the command line and sets the mask to 
whatever the user enters, but will default to 077 if no -umask= could be 

The first patch is the most simple and should work for most cases, but 
the second patch provides some flexibility for setting the umask. I'm 
not too sure if there would be any reason for the umask to be set 
outside 077 (in terms of plugin/web start apps), but the functionality 
is there in the second patch 2 if needed.


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