[Bug 163] ./configure under OpenSolaris

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------- Comment #3 from gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org  2008-07-13 01:03 -------
I agree about the ALSA issue; this should be fixed so that the test is only
performed on GNU/Linux systems.

I'm not sure how the XP package is related to GNOME or why this is an issue.
Most of the dependencies checked by IcedTea in configure correspond to
dependencies in the underlying OpenJDK build so this is likely to be

As David says, one of the primary purposes of IcedTea is to provide a fully
Free toolchain so that no proprietary dependencies are required to build and
run.  However, there is no specific link to GCJ explicitly except in the naming
of the options; I've successfully built IcedTea with a copy of GNU Classpath
and CACAO.  --with-gcj-home corresponds to the root of a JDK structure (and is
actually unhelpful for GCJ as it doesn't provide this itself, only
java-gcj-compat does). This is only used to find libjvm at present.  It would
actually simplify things a great deal if this was used to find javac, java and
jar as well.

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