problem with symbolic links (plugin)

Philippe MONROUX phi2-monroux at
Sun Jul 13 00:27:30 PDT 2008

Hello all,

First of all congratulation for the whole work !

I don't know if it's the right place to ask for..I apologize in

I'm trying icedtea because of missing plugin for amd64 architecture. 
I've installed :
icedtea-java7-bin                     7~b22-1.5~20071018-0ubuntu1
icedtea-java7-jre                     7~b22-1.5~20071018-0ubuntu1
icedtea-java7-plugin                  7~b22-1.5~20071018-0ubuntu1

One thing I obtained with sun-java6 plugin I can't with icedtea is
that the following code :
<applet name="ggbApplet" code="geogebra.GeoGebraApplet" codebase="./" archive="geogebra/geogebra.jar" width="1400" height="800">
  <param name="filename" value="geogebra/geo.ggb"></param>

works only if  geo.ggb (2nd line) is a true file and not a symbolic links to a file
(ln -s otherPath/geo.ggb geogebra/geo.ggb). 

Why such a behavior difference ? And is it possible to modify that ?



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