IcedTea6 1.2 Released!

Joshua Sumali jsumali at
Mon Jul 14 06:13:33 PDT 2008

Anthony Green wrote:
> Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Hi Anthony,
>> On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 19:26 -0700, Anthony Green wrote:
>>> I got on my flight that day and looked at the IcedTea src tree for 
>>> the first time, then quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to 
>>> do this in a vacuum.
>>> First question for the IcedTea hackers:  where in the tree should my 
>>> source code live?  It looks like there are a few viable spots.
>> Yes, there are indeed a couple of ways to extend icedtea/openjdk
>> depending on how big and how invasive your change is.
> Thanks for explaining this, Mark.  I'm proceeding with the overlay 
> approach.  It's taking some time to figure out the build system.  Any 
> tips?  Builds take forever.... and I don't know how to test my changes 
> without starting the build pretty much from scratch.
> AG

While I'm not too familiar with how the overlay stuff works, I think you 
can just delete the relevant changed parts (compiled classes, for 
example) and let make take care of the rest. It should save a lot of 
time not having to build hotspot each time you change something. I'll 
also typically pass --disable-docs to ./configure to stop javadoc from 
being generated, and also --with-parallel-jobs=3 since I do most of my 
builds on my dual core machine. It speeds things up considerably :)


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