[Bug 173] Cannot play two sounds simultaneously (Linux)

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> On whuch JVM, exactly, do you hear both sounds simultaneously?

To be more specific, I can presently confirm that both sounds play
simultaneously on the followind SUN releases for Linux: jdk1.6.0_10,
jdk1.6.0_06, jdk1.6.0_01, jdk1.5.0_02, jdk1.4.2_11. I don't have any earlier
releases currently installed, but I am fairly sure I have tested them in the

I have also found this to work on Windows/IE using Microsoft's JVM (unknown
version) and on Mac Safari with Apple's JVM (also unknown version, but on a
recently bought system).

Also, the problem is not specific to the Applet sound API. On the other JVMs
mentioned above, you can also play two sounds simultaneously (e.g. game sound
effects over music) by using the low level sound APIs i.e. by opening multiple
source data lines, or, play background music using the MIDI API while playing
audio clips over the top of that using the applet sound API.

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