openjdk6b11 built for linux-armeabi using zero

Xerxes Rånby xerxes at
Thu Jul 24 02:33:46 PDT 2008

Fantastic news!

I have myself tried to build icedtea6 for armv5tel eabi for some weeks 
now using a fedora core 8 based buildsystem.
I have had a lot issues that my GCC 4.1.2 compiler mangles pointers with 
the -O3 optimization when starting the launcher.
Those errors disapeared with -O0 yet then i ran out of heap space when 
launching. Adding options to java like -Xms100M -Xmx600M did not solve 
my heapspace issues.

What version of gcc compiler and binutils did you use for your build?

Congratulations again for the sucessful ARM build!

Have a great day!

Matthias Klose skrev:
> See
> - the mauve test results are a subset of mauve tests which is run
>   on various buildds. I usually get 4 failures for the hotspot
>   archs, and 6 for powerpc zero. I don't run the jtreg test harness,
>   this probably would take two weeks on this machine.
> - the packages should appear with the next upload to unstable, well ...
>   some days or weeks after the source upload, depending on the build
>   machine. the native build takes ages, the longest step is the
>   jar process building the rt.jar in the stage2 build; took over 1200
>   cpu minutes on a 500Mhz 256MB machine.
> Matthias

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