build failure: jar: Illegal option: @

Lillian Angel langel at
Wed Mar 26 10:07:50 PDT 2008


Timo Lindfors wrote:
> Hi,
> Lillian Angel <langel at> writes:
>> This happens if you run make after icedtea-ecj has already been
>> built. If the build was part way through the second step of the
>> bootstrap or completed the entire build, this issue will show up if
>> you run make before running make clean.
> ah. I have avoided "make clean" since it does
> rm -rf openjdk
> which forces me to download openjdk again over network. I was
> suggested I could use "make dist-openjdk" but it does
> find -name \\.hg* | xargs rm -rf

It removes all the hg related files from the clone of openjdk. You can 
just remove this from the, or make a patch of what you 
have now  "just in case"- which is always a good idea.

> which destroys all my development history in ".hg" which I'd like to
> avoid at least until I have sent my patches to other people.


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