IcedTea with gcc 4.3 and Minimum JDK version

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Sat Mar 29 06:14:02 PDT 2008

The ecj script that I am using is based on the one from OpenSuSE which will
look for the libgcj*.jar and add it to the BOOTCLASSPATH before calling the
compiler.  Fedora does not update the BOOTCLASSPATH.  This allows the
bootstrap of the tools to compile the necessary classes from the OpenJDK
source instead of using the classes being used to run the compiler.

Using Google is seams that someone else was having this problem on OpenSuSE,
I don't see a resolution to this.  However, I would assume that defining
BOOTCLASSPATH as empty would solve the problem.


On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 12:24 PM, Michael Franz <mvfranz at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Since gcc 4.3 has been released, has anyone tried to use it to build
> icedtea/openjdk?
> I had a version of icedtea almost compiling openjdk on my Mac (do to user
> error I lost some of that work).  I have started over and found that Apple's
> Java 6 implementation is using a beta version of JSR 199 so I tried the
> latest version of gcc 4.3.
> gcc 4.3 seems to be missing some String constructors that are in Java 1.6.
>  Specifically I get this error:
> 1. ERROR in
> hotspot-tools/sun/jvmstat/perfdata/monitor/ (at line
> 103)
>         return new String(b, 0, i, defaultCharset);
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The constructor String(byte[], int, int, Charset) is undefined
> I guess gcc 4.3 will work for meeting the generics requirements, but will
> not work with have the necessary JDK 6 APIs.
> I had tried to get the Redhat branch of 4.2 to compile on my mac - I gave
> up.  I was hoping that gcc 4.3 would solve my problem.
> Previously I had modified the build to build some bootstrap classes from
> the openjdk source, jar them and then add the jar to the front of the
> classpath.  This is a different problem, as the classes that were giving me
> problems were AWT font classes.
> I may have to do the same trick again, I just cannot remember how I did it
> at the moment.
> Michael
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