New project: getting rid of IcedTea local patches

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Apr 1 09:08:27 PDT 2009

We at Red Hat have noticed that the list of IcedTea local patches has
been getting large, with some local patches that should have been
pushed upstream.  Also, some IcedTea patches have been committed to
OpenJDK 7 but not OpenJDK 6.

So, we're going to have a serious attempt to minimize the number of
IcedTea patches.  We'll create a Wiki page at
that is a list of the patches, and for every one we're going to
discuss whether it should stay IcedTea local, be pushed upstream to
OpenJDK, or be deleted altogether.  Then we will create OpenJDK
bugzilla entries for the patches that we think should be integrated
upstream and work with Sun engineers to get that done.

I hope that it will be possible to reduce the number of patches to a
fraction of what we have at the moment, while improving the quality of
the upstream product.

This is going to be quite a lot of work, so we'd appreciate help from

I hope this will meet with everyone's approval.


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