IcedTea6-plugin PluginAppletSecurityContext NullPointers

Oliver May oliver.may at
Thu Feb 12 03:30:35 PST 2009

Hi Xerxes!

Xerxes Rånby wrote:
> Thank you for the cool report that you are running the icedtea-6 plugin 
> on you phone!
> Do you have a picture?
> Do all applets crash or only the one you are working on?

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll set up a simple testcase later today,
because the application I am developing is quite complex javascript
stuff. Also, the java applet is signed because it needs access to the
outside world (tcp connection to gps daemon).
So far i have not found an online applet wich also gives this kind of
error, but signed applets are hard to find...

I'll try to send some pictures soon! :)

>> kind regards,
> Cheers and have a great day!
> Xerxes

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