Creating new IcedTea repos

Mark Wielaard mark at
Mon Feb 23 14:09:17 PST 2009


One bottleneck working on IcedTea was that it wasn't easy to create new
repos or clone existing ones. That has now been solved. Everybody who
can push to IcedTea can now clone repos for release or private (but
public) branches, or create new repos for work related to IcedTea that
they want to host (the only requirement is that the work is Free
Software of course).

When creating a release repo from on of the main repos under /hg do:

ssh <repo> \
  hg-remote-clone /hg/<repo> /hg/release/<repo>-x.y

Please do coordinate first on the version string/extension used.
Release branches will show up under and
have a release/ prefix.

When creating a repo for a private repo under your own /people/<user>/
tree do:
hg init ssh://<user><user>/<repo-name>

Or if you already have a local repo then you can push it through:
hg clone <repo-name> \

But if it is work based on an existing repo (either
under /hg, /hg/release or /people/<someone>/) then please do a server hg
clone to safe bandwidth and disk-space on the server by:

ssh <repo> \
  hg-remote-clone /hg/<repo> /people/<user>/<repo-name>

These personal repos will also show up under and will have your <user> name
and / as prefix.



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