Finding OpenJDK include paths

Dalibor Topic Dalibor.Topic at Sun.COM
Tue Jul 14 09:25:59 PDT 2009

Braden McDaniel wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 13:02 +0200, Dalibor Topic wrote:
>> Braden McDaniel wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 00:42 +0200, Dalibor Topic wrote:
>>>> Andrew Haley wrote:
>>>>> Braden McDaniel wrote:
>>>>>> On 7/13/09 9:43 AM, Omair Majid wrote:
>>>>>>> Braden McDaniel wrote:
>>>>>>>> When building a Fedora package that uses JNI, I've found it necessary to
>>>>>>>> set CPPFLAGS as such:
>>>>>>>> CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/lib/jvm/java/include -I/usr/lib/jvm/java/include/linux"
>>>>>>>> Is there any more clever mechanism available?
>>>>>>> You might want to take a look at this:
>>>>>> Thanks... Looks like the answer is "no". :-/
>>>>> Try had as I can, I can't think of anything better.  Looks perfect
>>>>> to me!  :-)
>>>> Any volunteers for pkg-confiscating it?
>>> Given that such a thing should be JDK-neutral, the question becomes,
>>> "Who owns it?"
>>> Looking at Fedora packages, the logical place seems like jpackage-utils.
>>> Does that seem sane/practical?
>> That's probably a good question for the Fedora lists.
> Well, if that's the answer here, that explains why there's no pkg-config
> file.

There is no pkg-config file because no one made one, afaik. It would be 
cool to have one, though. ;)

It may, for example, make sense to come up with a mechanism to generate pkg-config 
files in Fedora through some RPM macro for JNI interface providing packages in 
general in an automated fashion, rather then maintaining them for each such package 

It's hard to tell for me at least without consulting the experts on packaging 
such applications for their corresponding operating system. That's why I suggested
asking on the Fedora lists.

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