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Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Thu Oct 29 01:58:15 PDT 2009

2009/10/29 Martin Buchholz <martinrb at google.com>:
> Changes in openjdk7 (jar and  Makefiles)
> make building rt.jar orders of magnitude faster already,
> so "jar" is no longer a significant part of the build
> (of course, you need this faster jar in your bootstrap jdk)
> So I suggest not changing the use of the jar command
> in the build process.
> Martin
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 18:10, Andrew John Hughes
> <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org> wrote:
>>>  - we already have the option to configure with fastjar, why change
>>>   that to an explicit dependency on zip? (No, I don't care that much).
>> We're already bringing in zip; always have, it's needed by OpenJDK as
>> far as I'm aware.  So why not use it?  As you know from adding the
>> fastjar option, a native binary is going to be faster than doing it
>> with Zero and it's not like we need anything to do with the manifest.
>> I've only covered one case with this patch (the new code) but I do
>> intend to replace some of the others in 7.  Eventually, I hope to get
>> a lot of this into 6 too.

Hi Martin,

The changes I'm referring to change the jar creation process prior to
the OpenJDK build being launched.  IcedTea has to extend rt.jar with
some additional classes from OpenJDK when bootstrapping with a non-Sun
JDK as the build assumes that Sun-specific classes are present in the
boot JDK.

I'm aware of the jar build speedups (we backported some to OpenJDK6
IIRC) but it's still going to be slower than zip when it's being run
by the Zero assembler port (i.e. no JIT).  Matthias refer to support
he already added to IcedTea which allows the jar in the bootstrap JDK
to be replaced by fastjar (a native implementation) to speed this up.
Andrew :-)

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