[icedtea-web] 1.x branching

Deepak Bhole dbhole at redhat.com
Thu Dec 2 08:32:13 PST 2010

* Deepak Bhole <dbhole at redhat.com> [2010-12-01 17:34]:
> Hi all,
> With Andrew Su's control panel tool now approved, I think it is time to
> start thinking of branching. I know Andrew Hughes mentioned he had a
> patch he'd like to see go into 1.0. Are there are other issues that need
> waiting on?
> If not, I would like to branch the tree once Andrew H's patch is in..


Everything major seems to be in now. Are there any objections to branching?

If not, I will branch tomorrow (Friday) morning.


> Cheers,
> Deepak

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