Fixing undefined ia64_double_zero

Bob Vandette bob.vandette at
Thu Dec 2 08:54:42 PST 2010

I re-introduced some old IA64 workaround logic with this changeset.  

changeset:   1593:126ea7725993
user:        bobv
date:        Tue Aug 03 08:13:38 2010 -0400
summary:     6953477: Increase portability and flexibility of building Hotspot

As I understand, the work-around below is no longer needed.  I'll put together a webrev
and push a fix but since I have no way of building for IA64 targets, I want to make sure 
that this is the only change causing the IA64 build to fail.  I intend on removing 
everything except line 1292.

- 1288 #ifdef IA64
- 1289           // IA64 gcc bug
- 1290           r = ( f == 0.0f ) ? (jdouble) f : (jdouble) f + ia64_double_zero;
- 1291 #else
1292           r = (jdouble) f;
- 1293 #endif

Gary, have you successfully built all of the Zero targets/architectures since this changeset?

changeset:   1732:3dc12ef8735e
parent:      1728:dfb38ea7da17
user:        bobv
date:        Thu Oct 07 15:12:57 2010 -0400
summary:     6989297: Integrate additional portability improvements

I've tried to make sure that I don't break the Zero builds with my changes but we don't 
validate these targets here at Oracle.

Bob Vandette


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