[icedtea-web] RFC: add javaws and itweb-settings to jre/bin as well

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at redhat.com
Mon Dec 13 13:23:48 PST 2010

On 15:55 Mon 13 Dec     , Omair Majid wrote:
> Hi,
> IcedTea-Web does not add either the javaws or itweb-settings binary to 
> jre/bin. The attached patch addresses that by creating symlinks under 
> jre/bin/ to the actual javaws and itweb-settings binaries.

Until I read this, I wasn't even aware there was a jre/bin.  I looked
under bin, saw the files and wondered what you were on about.

One problem I see is you are assuming jre/bin exists (i.e. that the
prefix being used is a jdk install).  This may not be the case.
You should probably only create these symlinks if jre/bin exists in

> I would like to fix this in HEAD as well as 1.0, as it makes Netx fail 
> when it tries to launch a new javaws instance, which some jnlp 
> applications require. This problem can be worked around by using 
> -Xnofork as a command line argument.
> I have tested this out, and that patch fixes the problems that I have 
> run into. On the other hand, before the IcedTea-Web split, javaws used 
> to be separate binary in jre/bin rather than a symlink. Is there a 
> reason creating a separate binary (instead of symlinking) would be better?

Are you sure these aren't hard links?
If not, maybe that would be the better option, though it assumes bin and
jre/bin are on the same disk.

> On a separate note, should we not create symlinks named jcontrol and 
> ControlPanel (under jre/bin) that link to itweb-settings?

Why would you want these?  ControlPanel especially is very ugly.  We
already agreed on the name being itweb-settings.

You may also want to fix the installation of plugin.jar in the same
patch.  It's being installed using INSTALL_PROGRAM rather than
INSTALL_DATA and is thus executable.

> ChangeLog
> 2010-12-13  Omair Majid  <omajid at redhat.com>
>      * Makefile.am: (install-exec-local): Create symlinks under jre/bin/
>      to javaws and itweb-settings binaries. (uninstall-local): Delete
>      symlinks on uninstall.
> Thanks,
> Omair

> diff -r e9150d5accf6 Makefile.am
> --- a/Makefile.am	Fri Dec 10 10:07:13 2010 -0500
> +++ b/Makefile.am	Mon Dec 13 15:44:17 2010 -0500
> @@ -111,8 +111,10 @@
>  endif
>  	${INSTALL_DATA} $(NETX_DIR)/lib/classes.jar $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/lib/netx.jar
>  	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} $(NETX_DIR)/launcher/javaws $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
> +	ln -s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/javaws $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/bin/
>  	${INSTALL_DATA} extra-lib/about.jar $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/lib
>  	${INSTALL_PROGRAM} $(NETX_DIR)/launcher/controlpanel/itweb-settings $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
> +	ln -s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/itweb-settings $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/bin/
>  install-data-local:
>  	${mkinstalldirs} -d $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/man/man1
> @@ -143,7 +145,9 @@
>  	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/man/man1/javaws.1
>  	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pluginappletviewer
>  	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/javaws
> +	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/bin/javaws
>  	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/itweb-settings
> +	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/jre/bin/itweb-settings
>  	rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(htmldir)
>  # Plugin

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