Backport of S6795356

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Mon Dec 13 13:26:11 PST 2010

On 16:20 Mon 13 Dec     , Denis Lila wrote:
> > This is the one we discussed right?
> That's right. 
> >  What's S7004655?  From, it seems
> > to be at the stage 1 with no fix.
> S7004655 is a sun.bugs counterpart of PR590 I filed before
> I knew about 6795356.

I just let Oracle do the filing when it's needed.  They can do it far
quicker than us (took weeks the last (and only) time I filed one.  )
and it's them who still insist on using this restricted bug system
over the OpenJDK bugzilla instance.

> > If the enclosed patch is the contents of the changeset for 6795356,
> > the file should
> > be named appropriately.
> Should I include both bugids in the name?

Please just include the one the changeset is from, 6795356.  The only
reason we use them is so we can match patches to incoming changesets.
Andrew :)

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