Reviewer needed - fix for regression test java/awt/xembed/server/

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Thu Dec 16 08:48:48 PST 2010

Hi all,

I've created patch for regression test

This test fails when it's started on default desktop in Fedora 1x and
RHEL 5/6.

Original version of this test works correctly only in cases where the
top of the screen is "free" (it can contains common windows, icons etc.
of course). But in default Gnome configuration on Fedoras and RHELs top
of the screen is occupied by panel containing Gnome menu and several
widgets (NetworkManager, clocks, sound volume...).

It means that common window (frame) cannot be created with y-coordinate
set to zero, because such window is automatically moved down by circa 25
pixels (depending on theme used, of course). And this test does not
correctly compute y-coordinates of both its windows (client and server).

There are several ways to fix this issue but the simplest one is to
create client and server window using non-zero y-coordinates.

Can anyone review patch for this test (it's included in attachment as hg
diff - as usual).

(I'd like to send this fix to awt-dev mail list to, as it should be
included in OpenJDK7)

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