IcedTea-Web 1.1 released!

Deepak Bhole dbhole at
Wed Jun 8 15:13:02 PDT 2011

IcedTea-Web 1.1 is now out and available for download! The new release includes
many improvements over 1.0 and they include:

New features:

    - IcedTea-Web now installs to a FHS-compliant location
    - Binary launchers have been replaced with simple shell scripts
    - Proxy Auto Config files are now usable
    - Applications using jnlp.versionEnabled and jnlp.packEnabled are now
      supported Can now use codebase_lookup=false with applets
    - itweb-settings now supports clearing cache


        - Mercurial revision detection (when building) is now more reliable
        - Apps calling loadClass get a proper a ClassNotFoundException if 
          class is not found, rather than a null value
        - Applets and JNLP apps using SSL/TLS now function correctly

    Web Start implementation (javaws):
        - The Web Start implementation can now use proxy settings from Firefox
        - Web Start applications now use the correct default browser set by the
        - Closing javaws -about no longer throws exceptions
        - Cache files are removed properly

        - Applets from the same page to use the same classloader (MS LiveMeeting, 
, etc.)
        - NetDania banking application now works
        - Sound now works with
        - Firefox 4 no longer freezes if the applet calls showDocument()
        - Firefox 4 and chromium stability has been vastly improved with a rewrite 
          of the plug-in threading model

Full notes with bug ids are available in the NEWS file:

Available for download here:

Build instructions are here:

SHA256 sum:
9ab60926f5d455d51e8e62120f71a12b1f18b20f599477d55dd71282a8055675 icedtea-web-1.1.tar.gz

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release:
Andrew Hughes
Matthias Klose
Denis Lila
Omair Majid
Andrew Su
Jiri Vanek
Mark Wielaard


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