IcedTea-Web 1.0.3 released (maintenance release)

Deepak Bhole dbhole at
Mon Jun 13 14:39:17 PDT 2011

IcedTea-Web 1.0.3 has been released and is available for download now.

This is a regular maintenance release and contains some nice-to-have plugin bug

    - PR721: cannot run g_main_context_iteration on a different
      thread unless a different GMainContext *context is used 
    - PR735: Firefox 4 sometimes freezes if the applet calls showDocument()
    - RH691259: Midori sends a SIGSEGV with the IcedTea NP Plugin

If you are using IcedTea-Web 1.0.x with Firefox, it is recommended that you
update to 1.0.3 as it is significantly more stable on Firefox 4.

Available for download here:

Build instructions are here:

SHA256 sum:
2a3b907b471a67fdbae4ecc80b8425dfc7533e91f63f622d91501d4a64f07581 icedtea-web-1.0.3.tar.gz

Thanks to Omair Majid for helping with this release (patch reviews)!


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