Reviewer needed - fix for a regression test openjdk/jdk/test/sun/net/www/protocol/file/ in IcedTea6 HEAD

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Thu Jun 16 03:57:39 PDT 2011

Jiri Vanek wrote:

> Yap - the same - go on.!

Jiri, thank you.

> btw.. Maybe you should public the reason for all this clean up.

It's easy - regression tests (regardless if its pass or fail) should
remove all its temporary garbage, because it makes looking for other
bugs much much easier.

Consider for example one (already fixed) test which was making "a"
subdirectory inside /tmp and did not deleting it. In the second run the
subdirectory already exists, so this test (or test using similar
directory) could fail for no obvious reason.

Second point - I regularly run IcedTea6 & IcedTea7 regression tests on
the same machine each work day and the garbage in /tmp is growing pretty
fast to slow file access (I mean "real" temporary files in this case,
not files/directories with fixed names).

Btw - I hope this work on fixing regression tests is finishing ;-) at
least in IcedTea6 case.

> Regards J.

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