Ping: RFC [icedtea-web] transformation sheet, styles for preview and daily report

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Thu Jun 16 04:11:07 PDT 2011

> based on 
> and
> discussions, refactored patch for report html
> Now transformation is handled in make using xsltproc so both xml and
> html files are available with full content. As generating of html is not
> crucial, it is marked as '-' so its fail will not break build.
> As css and javasccript files will be shared between unit tests and dist
> test they are still kept separately. Sheet is littlebit modified because
> xsltproc did not like selfclosed  divs (<div/>).
> The former question above is still valid, but I'm for have it inside, as
> it is more comfortable to see "red" and "green" lines instead of
> looking  for them in pure xml.
> Regards J.

Hi Jiri,

looks reasonable for me in case the "JTreg compatible" output is still
present, but could you please fix the indentation of JavaScript code and
also XML transformation indent? Seems like some spaces are missing (you
could use Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+Shift+F in Eclipse if you are able
overcome your resistance to Eclipse ;-)))


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