Reviewer needed: backport of 6956668 fix into IcedTea6 HEAD

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Thu Jun 23 04:16:16 PDT 2011

Hi all,

is it possible to backport following fix into IcedTea6 HEAD please?

6956668: misbehavior of XOR operator (^) with int
Summary: optimize cmp_ne(xor(X,1),0) to cmp_eq(X,0) only for boolean
values X.
Reviewed-by: never

hg diff created against recent IcedTea6 HEAD version is stored in an
attachment (including NEWS entry). Checked on RHEL 5.6 x86_64.

Here's ChangeLog entry:

2011-06-23  Pavel Tisnovsky  <ptisnovs at>

        * added new patch
        * NEWS: updated with backport
        * patches/openjdk/6956668_misbehavior_of_XOR_operator_with_int
        Backport of 6956668 fix.

Can anybody please review this change?

Thank you in advance,
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