[RFC][Icedtea-web]: Add code for handling policy files.

Andrew Su asu at redhat.com
Mon Jun 27 13:00:06 PDT 2011

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> Subject: Re: [RFC][Icedtea-web]: Add code for handling policy files.
> please disregard these patches.. Just found some missing options that
> are available in the latest documentation which isn't included here.
> Will post updated soon. Sorry for the noise.
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> > From: "Andrew Su" <asu at redhat.com>
> > To: "distro-pkg-dev" <distro-pkg-dev at openjdk.java.net>
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> > Subject: Re: [RFC][Icedtea-web]: Add code for handling policy files.
> > This one is updated version of last patch (only the setName() method
> > differs.)
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I've moved a lot of the code around, mostly the two classes that handled the permissions and principals. 

Difference between previous patch:
 - Better maintainability. 
 - Easier to add new permissions/principals.
 - Better validation handling on a per permission basis.

2011-06-27  Andrew Su  <asu at redhat.com>

        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/util/FileUtils.java:
        (writeContentToFile): New method. Writes string content to file.
        (readContentFromFile): New method. Reads a file and returns a String.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/ParseException.java: New class.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/Policy.java: New class. Used to
        represent a policy from a policy file.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/PolicyFormatter.java: New class.
        Formats Policy to a string representation of a policy file or parses a
        File/String to convert into Policy objects.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/PolicyUtils.java: New class.
        Methods for handling repetitive tasks when working with policy files.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/Permission.java: New
        class. This represents a general permission.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/AWTPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/AllPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/AudioPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/AuthPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/DelegationPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/FilePermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/LoggingPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/NetPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/PrivateCredentialPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/PropertyPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/ReflectPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/RuntimePermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/SQLPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/SSLPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/SecurityPermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/SerializablePermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/ServicePermission.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/permission/SocketPermission.java:
        New classes. These are the default permission.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/principal/Principal.java: New
        class. This represents a general principal.
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/principal/KerberosPrincipal.java
        * netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/policy/principal/X500Principal.java:
        New classes. These are the default principals.

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