[RFC][icedtea-web]: Added support for signed JNLP file

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Tue Jun 28 01:36:18 PDT 2011

On 06/27/2011 03:45 PM, Saad Mohammad wrote:
>   On 06/23/2011 04:47 PM, Saad Mohammad wrote:
>> It will fail to launch an application if the signed JNLP file does not match the launching JNLP file.
> I have attached a jar file that includes a test case for the new class JNLPVerify. It checks to see if two different structured JNLP files match each other.
> Please import the the jar file into src in Eclipse.
> Main-class: test.JNLPVerifyTest
> --
> Cheers,
> Saad Mohammad


Probably misunderstanding - sorry for my english in this case :)

I Would like to you add source codes of unit tests to comparing algorithm itself (together with implementation as hg diff), and source code(including jnlps and build/signing parts) - so it can be added into engine and run inside testsuiite.
Without source codes our hands are tied.

Reagrds J.

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