[Bug 744] icedtea6-1.10.2 : patching error, patches/ecj/jaxws-getdtdtype.patch

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Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com>  2011-06-29 16:37:27 ---
This is the problem:

checking if javax.xml.stream.events.Attribute.getDTDType() wrongly returns a
QName... yes

The 'yes' causes that patch to be applied, but you don't actually need it and,
even if applied, it would break the build at a later point.

I think this is down to you setting --with-java to a directory.  That test
calls java to check that the method also has that signature at runtime, but
your setting of java to a directory will be causing it to fail.  Either set it
to the java binary or remove the option altogether as you shouldn't need it.
configure should clearly check that this is a file as well as executable :-(

Your options could actually be reduced to just:

--with-openjdk-src-zip=$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/openjdk-6-src-b22-28_feb_2011.tar.gz \
                --with-jaxp-drop-zip=$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/jaxp144_01.zip  \
                --with-jaf-drop-zip=$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/jdk6-jaf-b20.zip \
                --with-jaxws-drop-zip=$PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/jdk6-jaxws-b20.zip \
                --with-pkgversion=cruxppc-2.7-${_arch} \
                --with-jdk-home=${JDK_HOME} --disable-bootstrap \
                --with-abs-install-dir=${JDK_HOME} \
                --enable-zero \
                --enable-nss \
                --disable-docs \
                --with-ant-home=/usr/lib/ant \
                --with-parallel-jobs=$((2 * $(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep
^processor | wc -l)))

Rhino should be autodetected and Xerces & Xalan aren't needed in non-bootstrap
mode.  I'm confused that the ecj patches are even been applied, given you are
building with --disable-bootstrap.  I'll have to check that.

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