RFC: IcedTea7 JamVM selfhost patch - remove-sun.misc.Perf-debug-code

Xerxes Rånby xerxes at zafena.se
Thu Jun 30 07:37:25 PDT 2011

Hi team,

The attached patch makes it possible for IcedTea 7 JamVM builds to be

Some OpenJDK 7 classes makes internal use of the unofficial
sun.misc.Perf API to keep track of startup time. sun.misc.Perf itself
implements its functionality by using some special jni calls inside of

By reducing the internal use of sun.misc.Perf in the OpenJDK 7 classes
makes it possible to use the OpenJDK 7 classes with non-Hotspot JVMs.

Ok to push?

The alternative are to implement this unofficial sun.misc.Perf JNI API
in JamVM and in every other JVM that wants to use the OpenJDK classes.

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