Review Request: Zero tweak

Gary Benson gbenson at
Wed Mar 23 09:51:07 PDT 2011

Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> I have no idea how the ARM assembler is enabled but it sounds like
> that code needs to be either better ifdefed or just ripped out as
> in your upstream patch.

Better ifdefed.  It should be #ifdef HOTSPOT_ASM, except I don't
like the idea of putting that upstream as it'd be the only mention
of it in the codebase.  Maybe if the name were more descriptive of
what it did, but HOTSPOT_ASM... what does that mean?  (I asked Ed
to change it a long time ago but apparently he did not).

> Can you look at providing a patch for this?  It sounds like it
> will need to be backported to the release branches.

It's only become an issue now I've started writing invokedynamic.
It should be fine to leave the release branches as they are.

> > The ARM interpreter has been broken since Shark was upstreamed,
> > as one of the Shark TCK fixes changed an API.  Shark went in on
> > OpenJDK7 b112 and OpenJDK6 b21.  
> So current IcedTea7 HEAD (b123), current IcedTea6 HEAD and the
> IcedTea6 1.10 series (both b22) all have this broken ARM interpreter.
> As I mentioned during the 1.10 release process, the ARM port will
> be removed prior to 1.11 unless someone steps up to maintain it
> as it won't even build any more.

Ah.  It might be that it gets dropped before there's a need to add
this webrev's content to the ARM patch then.  Maybe I could commit
a note to the top of the ARM patch referencing this change, so that
if somebody starts maintaining it in future they will see it's

FWIW the JSR 292 stuff will add more changes to the two required
in the ARM port so far.



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