jstack.stp should work with -XX:+UseCompressedOops

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Fri Aug 3 03:47:36 PDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-08-03 at 11:31 +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-08-03 at 09:26 +0900, Yasumasa Suenaga wrote:
> > Testcase is also attached. Please run Simple.java and test.stp .
> Thanks. I see why it wasn't triggering on my setup. Even with
> CompressedOops on both _base and _shift are zero. Is there a way to
> force the heap somewhere that needs a base/shift?

Found it, just create a vm with something bigger than 4GB to get a
positive shift, or something really big, but smaller than 32GB, like
-Xmx31G, to get a non-zero base.

And your patch makes jstack work fine with or without compressed oops.
I'll integrate it and add the testcase.



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