[icedtea-web][rfc] Fix for PR1106, icedtea-web crashes firefox on Gentoo, Archlinux

Adam Domurad adomurad at redhat.com
Fri Aug 3 13:25:30 PDT 2012

Hi all, this fix was suggested by Vlastimil Babka and verified to fix
the issue on Gentoo.

The issue essentially comes up when a buffer overflow occurs writing a
too-large browser function table, it is detected, and causes firefox to

I have modified the commenting and indenting of the fix slightly.

2012-08-03  Adam Domurad  <adomurad at redhat.com>

	Fixes PR1106, plugin crashing with firefox + archlinux/gentoo
	* plugin/icedteanp/IcedTeaNPPlugin.cc 
	(initialize_browser_functions): Account for the fact that 
	browserTable->size can be larger than sizeof(NPNetscapeFuncs)
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