[Bug 1123] itweb-settings is missing the runtime parameters

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Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com> ---
User wants to specify parameters to plugin VM instance:

<higuita> hi, i want to add a runtime parameter to my icedtea (openjdk7), but
the itweb-settings dont have that option, just like sun javacpl/ControlPanel
<higuita> so how can i add a extra runtime parameter? any tip?
<gnu_andrew> higuita, first of all file a bug to get it added to itweb-settings
<gnu_andrew> higuita, then take a look at the javaws script, you should be able
to add parameters there
<higuita> thanks gnu_andrew , i will do that :)
<gnu_andrew> higuita, is it javaws you want to alter or the plugin?  No idea
how you'd alter the plugin...
<higuita> its really the plugin
<gnu_andrew> higuita, ok I found it
<gnu_andrew> not very configurable though
<gnu_andrew> the VM is started in plugin_start_appletviewer in
<gnu_andrew>       command_line = (gchar**) malloc(sizeof(gchar*)*8);
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup(appletviewer_executable);
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup(PLUGIN_BOOTCLASSPATH);
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup("-classpath");
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup_printf("%s/lib/rt.jar",
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup("sun.applet.PluginMain");
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup(out_pipe_name);
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num++] = g_strdup(in_pipe_name);
<gnu_andrew>       command_line[cmd_num] = NULL;

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